Elite Programme

The Elite Programme is an enrichment programme for the high learning ability students. These elite students are nominated from different classes. They join the intensive training so that they can be able to use English to make announcements, deliver speeches in assemblies or other special occasions.

NET Channel

The NET Channel is a programme designed for students on the Elite team who are eager to improve their English and learn more about drama. Throughout the year, we create videos celebrating major events and also topics to do with student development. The students are involved in script writing, costume design and acting.

From Left: (Back) Amanda Tsang, James Li, Kinson Au, Edmond Law, James Yeung, Casey Wong, Gabriela Lee, Gionna Santoso, Hannah Ho. (Front) Donald Lam, Wing Shum, Niki Hung, Issac Lau, Alan Cheung, Kason Kong.

The Elite Team of NETChannel is also involved in other English programmes, in which they deliver speeches or give assistance to teachers and other students. In all of these activities, they promote English communication in the school and set a good example to their peers and the younger students.

English Journalist

The Elite Journalist Club is a fun and engaging class that provides an English writing and skills platform for students with exceptional ability at Wu Siu Kui.  Young Journalists practice the research, expression, and hard work of reporters. Our students report on special events, holidays, hot topics, personal stories, and many other things.  The team publishes one J-News Letter each term and act as MCs and helpers for most of the Wu Siu Ku’s English events throughout the school year.  The Elite Journalist Club is happy to reach out to you!

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Big Brother and Big Sister Programme

The Big Brother and Sister Programme is a mentoring scheme which is collaborating with the School Guidance & Counselling Team. The programme is specially designed for the lower primary students to arouse their interests of learning English. With the assistance of senior schoolmates, these students may gradually build up their confidence in using English and develop their own learning habits.

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