Mr. Jimmy Pittman

Hello there! I am very excited to be the new Native English Teacher at Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois USA. I have lived in Hong Kong since 2012, teaching ESL to students of all ages, although most of my experience and passion is in working with young learners. I studied music at university, and I play bass, guitar, and ukulele. I love to incorporate songs and rhythm into my teaching whenever I can! Aside from music, I love reading, writing, drama, and all things creative. From my training and experience in teaching ESL, I have learned that creativity and flexibility are key when learning a new language. My aim in the classroom is to create a fun and engaging environment while at the same time achieving learning goals and objectives. I am excited to work with the students and staff, and see what we can learn from one another!


Mr. Thomas Roberts

Hello! I am from a small city called Aberdeen in Scotland, UK. I studied Linguistics and International Relations at university before moving to Zhongshan, China in 2016 to embark on my teaching career in a bilingual primary school. There, I discovered that I was passionate about teaching English and passing on my skills and knowledge to young learners. My experience for the past two years in Hong Kong has been teaching primarily in kindergartens across the city and I am excited to have the opportunity to return to teaching primary school students in Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School. I hope I can help to inspire and guide the students to accomplish their English language learning goals!

Having Fun with NETs

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