1. Develop a balanced, coherent school-based English language curriculum. A task-based approach is
  2. adopted. Language skills are structured in meaningful, pupils’ centred learning tasks.
  3. Create a language-rich environment to arouse pupils’ interest in learning and using English in an authentic environment.
  4. Implement phonics skills in lower primary to develop pupils’ phonological awareness.
  5. Implement English drama in the upper primary to arouse pupils’ interest in language arts. It
  6. incorporates elements to facilitate the pupils’ physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  7. Develop pupils’ generic skills, positive values and attitudes through reading, project learning,
  8. cross-curricular activities and school-based curriculum tailoring.
  9. Collaborate the school English teachers with the Native English Teacher (NET) on co-planning and co-teaching effective teaching programmes.
  10. Cater learner differences through enhancement and remedial programmes.
  11. Use IT to assist teaching and learning.
  12. Collaborate with the school library to implement reading projects.
  13. Provide different opportunities for pupils to participate in school activities, extra-curricular activities
  14. and inter-school competitions to widen pupils’ scope.

Reading Programmes

  • Fun English Programme
  • Reading & Phonics
  • Language Arts Programme
  • Reading & Drama
  • Extensive Reading Scheme

English Learning Project

Thematic Reading Scheme


eLearning Programmes

 eLearning Platform

EEGS Vocabulary & Grammar Building Programme

School-based Fun English Programme (By school NET)

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